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About Shelly

I recently met with a photography group from my church and we were discussing perspective. I asked this question, "How do we take photographs that tell the unseen story?"

The bible says that we are to focus on the unseen. That there's far more to life than what meets the eye.

In the art that I'm privileged to make with my camera and my eyes, my hope is that you will allow me to really see you. To tell the real story. To tell your truth.

So often we fill our instagram feeds with highlight reels and with what we want people to see. 
I want to see what's really going on. I want to tell the truth. And sometimes, that's hard and capturing your truth can be a challenge... a challenge I'm up for.
It is what sets my heart on fire for photography.

Call me and let's have coffee. Let's talk about your story and how to tell it. Let's photograph the truth.