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About Shelly

What set's me apart? I'll tell you. It's simple. It's honest. But it's me. 
I love you. When you get in front of my lense, and when we spend time together, I see you. And I have a unique and fierce love for people and dogs and cats and sunlight and laughter. I can't help myself. It's almost awkward. I want to hug you. I want to be a part of telling your love story. I want to be known as your "family photographer."  I've often said, "if you let me photograph you, I will love you."

Who am I? I'm a crazy adventurer, looking for constant opportunities to love on people while I'm on this planet. It sets my heart on fire to see your moments... That tossled hair, those missing teeth, that first kiss, when you look into each others eyes... these are moments to treasure.

My ideal photo shoot is one where I come over, hang out and take pictures of you, being you. No special poses are necessary. Just love each other. In my own home, these natural unplanned images are the ones that get hung up. They represent REAL life to me. Authenticity is my hearts desire, both in life and photography.

In my spare time I take care of three sons, a husband, and a very cute dog. We like to go to soccer games, visit the lake cabin, and eat ice cream and cupcakes. We are experts at board games. We love having friends over for dinner. You can often find us all looking for cool rocks, wherever our adventures take us!

I have a college degree in Elementary Education and English Literature.  My love for photography, and running my own business (and schedule) have won out and here I am... giving my heart to you through photography.  I have been mentored by many wonderful and talented photographers and am a member of PPA, the Professional Photographers of America, where I am educated and encouraged by other artists in my industry.

I participate in several personal projects each year.
Help Portrait is an event each December where photographers all over the world take one day to give photographs to families in need. I lead a group that photographs women and children who are victims of domestic violence in Dakota County. To see and hear more about my work, see a guest blog I wrote for Help Portrait here:

I have also been commited to photographing a single mom every year. As a child of divorced parents, I remember the financial strain my mother carried in raising us. Professional photos were a luxury we just couldn't always afford. I am honored to be a blessing to a deserving family. Please email me to nominate someone you know that would benefit from this gift at

My work has been featured in articles in the last few years.
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